Tuition & Policies

Tuition at MSA includes weekly private lessons, monthly group classes, concerts & special performances. Participation in Group Class(es) is expected.

If you are interested in private lessons, let’s meet up and talk it over.

If you are interested in joining us for Group Classes only see our schedule of awesome classes.

All tuition is paid monthly. Summer lessons are pro-rated.


Studio Policies

Logical Expectations

Mosaic String Academy Policies


Parents are required to attend all lessons and to take notes during lessons. It is encouraged that the same parent attend each week (the practice parent), although we understand there are exceptions!


Group Classes are not only fun but they offer an opportunity for students to explore different styles of music together in unique arrangements while forming bonds with each other musically and socially. Classes are selected according first to the student’s playing ability and their interest or curiosity. A student may sign up for more than one Class - it is encouraged! Attendance is required. Group Classes happen the first full week of each month. Group Class Schedule


Tuition includes weekly private lessons, Group Class week, concerts and community activities.

Tuition is due the last week of each month. (i.e. April tuition is due last week of March) It is non-refundable. Late payments will be assessed a $25 late fee. We appreciate auto-payments from your bank and can also accept Venmo. Thank you!


While we understand the mostly spontaneous nature of our lives among children, we ask for as much advance notice as possible about a missed lesson. Please text your teacher directly. In the event a student has to miss a lesson, Mosaic String Academy teachers are not obligated to offer a make-up, rather it is at the teacher’s discretion. We encourage families to swap a lesson date with each other to make up for days they know they will miss. This system also works well for a family looking to make up lesson time. Please notify your teacher of any changes.


Despite best efforts, teachers rarely get through a year completely cold-free! Our first choice is to try to find a substitute teacher. In the event this isn’t possible, the lesson is cancelled. Each MSA teacher is reserved 3 sick days/year. There are no make-ups nor refunds for these sick days. This is our way of creating a sustainable, humane and healthy environment for our staff.

For all other missed lessons, the teacher is responsible for either scheduling a make-up or adjusting the lesson fee.


Students at MSA have an unprecedented 4 concerts per year — 2 solo concerts and 2 Group Class concerts. Musicians learn key skills around performance, poise, etiquette and dealing with nerves while also learning to enjoy the experience. We are opposed to forcing any student to perform and instead lead with encouragement and patience. So far, this has worked as every student eventually performs successfully! Having frequent opportunities to perform and “show their stuff” develops a child’s self-confidence, which can be carried into other non-music activities in their lives.