Positive Approach

Try very hard not to argue with your child.  Refer to your teacher’s comments in your notes or on the recording.  Consider how important the point of contention is – perhaps a one-word response is enough.  Seek other parents’ words of advice and experience in the Suzuki Association of the America’s Parents’ Corner. Or look up anything by Edmund Sprunger, such as “Helping Parents Practice” and also “Nurtured by Love” by Shinichi Suzuki himself. We highly recommend these two excellent and helpful books!

Remember “We practice to make things easier…” and this refers to everything about the practice session, not just the music.  Have one goal for each practice session. Much can be accomplished this way. Your teacher can help with this.

Don’t compare your child’s progress with other children.  Focus instead on how much they are learning and growing.  Strive to be positive, accepting your child’s rate and style of learning within the framework of doing what the teacher asks.  Balance your child’s progress with his/her emotional needs.

Get involved in studio recitals and activities.  These give your child the opportunity to gain confidence in public performance.  Most children love to perform if they are well prepared and performance is introduced in a safe manner.

Remember - there’s a whole lot more information going into your child than what might actually come out!